Tekashi 69 Will Snitch About Plot To Harm Casanova And More!

6ix9ine is doing his best to move on, but he first must take the stand against his gang!

(AllHipHop Rumors) How can I make something more interesting than what you already know. Well. That’s going to be hard, but lets try. First, Tekashi is officially snitching. As a tool of the government, prosecutors have laid out their plan to get the bloods. 

The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan sent their strategy to , outlining their strategy, which basically means he is going to throw his former homies under the bus! Right now, he has yet to testify, but he’s about it. They say Tekkie is going to NAME NAMES in exchange for a shorter jail term as opposed to football numbers in jail. 

One thing that stood out is that Tekashi will have to cop to a conspiracy to hurt / kill Casanova! Apparently, some of the lyrics that Cas wrote seemed to be jabs towards Tekkie so they decided – allegedly – to handle him! More than that, he’s going to reveal who allegedly did what through texts, DMs and social media posts. The Nine Trey Bloods are not going to be happy.  

He’s also going to tell him Seqo Billy according to this letter from the prosecutors. Dude! We interviewed Billy and he’s a cool dude! But Tekashi is going to spill his guts and say that he put a word out for the Bloods to shoot the rainbow haired rapper. Check out the interview with Seqo Billy.

The report from TMZ is that Tekashi was basically a BANK for the gang, funding everything. When Tekkie decided to stop sending them money, he was a target, according to the report and subsequently kidnapped and robbed! Tekkie WAS staring down 47 years in the BING, but now he’s going to get out pretty fast, because of his full cooperation with the authorities. 

Witness protection is certain to be problematic af!