Have The BMF Founders Gotten Released? Yes And No.

There are rumors all over, but the reality is not quite so good for the founders of BMF.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The BMF era was a very interesting one that I remember being fascinated with. The crew took over the rap game and the drug game for a moment in time. All of it centered on two brothers: Meech and Terry Flenory.

The brothers ran a drug and rap empire that struck fear in the hearts of men and also gave us Young Jeezy (sort of). Guess what? There was chatter earlier in the week that they were about to get out, because coronavirus has been ravaging communities in jail. 

Here is the deal: Terry has been granted a release, but Big Meech has not. Terry Flenory is now 50! And Big Meech is 51! I always thought Meech was younger, because he was more flashy and fly. Now, Terry was the one that resided in LA and looked over the business from that point of view. He’s leaving a Kentucky federal prison and we live on house arrest now. Big Meech reigned over Atlanta, but is not going home. I think they see him as a bigger “issue” since he was more out there and percieved as a threat. 

Did you know that LL tried helping get them out of jail with his influence? 

They say The Black Mafia Family made $270 million in profits. Both men were sent away for 30 years in federal prison in 2008 after being arrested and convicted for running a national drug ring over the course of 15 years. COVID-19 has broken out in jails all over the nation and is killing people. 

If Meech gets out, that will be crazy! 

Here is a documentary. You kinda had to be there. AllHipHop is cited in the BMF book. Page 178.