Texas Educators Propose Calling Slavery “Involuntary Relocation”


A bunch of “educators” in Texas want to reclassify the horrors of slavery as “involuntary relocation” for kids. @illseed reports this madness!


I am not going to stop! This is getting out of hand. Actually, we are well past out of hand. This is out of pocket, out of mind and out of control. A bunch of educators in Texas now have proposed formally to the Texas State Board of Education that the Western institution of slavery should now be taught as “involuntary relocation“ in second grade social studies programs.

Nine people, I state again nine people, have gotten together to propose this curriculum change. This is in an effort to lessen the “discomfort” that exists inside of Texas classrooms around the topic of one of the most heinous human rights violations in the history of humankind. By the way, one of these “brilliant” educators is a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. An actual college professor!

This is unbelievable that they would even begin to suggest that this is something to actually do. They say bad things about what they “critical race theory,” but this is egregious at best. For some reason, they are connecting this to “voluntary Irish migration” and coinciding the new lingo to “involuntary relocation” for Black people from Africa.

So, this is a part of a larger situation. They are trying to develop a new curriculum for social studies across all of Texas, including almost 9000 public schools. This has been a hot button for quite some time. They are trying to figure out how to teach race and slavery in schools. These extreme conservative people are dumping a lot of money on school boards in hopes of getting the curriculums changed. I have an IDEA – TELL THE TRUTH.

I think they’re full of crap! Slavery is a 400+ year institution they want to erase. It is bad enough that they have glazed over the horrors. They keep trying to remove history from our collective minds! However, we aren’t having it. This is why we have to listen to our elders, read and buy books, and continue to write history. They have no problem presenting their version of facts, which are just lies distorted since the beginning of time. Even in art, they have altered the reality that existed in those times. Remember, it was a concerted effort for Jesus to look white with blue eyes!

So, folks if you haven’t been privy to evil before, you can certainly be privy to it now. Don’t continue to walk blind in a world that gives no damn is about you. These people are really trying to redefine slavery, the nerve!

As a matter of fact, lets remember some kings!

And some queens!