Teyana Taylor Really HATED The Food At The MET Gala!

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor and ASAP Rocky got everybody talking!

Teyana Taylor is riding high. As an actress, she has been getting massive accolades for her role in the new movie, “A Thousand And One.” in the movie, she plays a single mother, raising a son in Uptown, New York. I haven’t seen it, but I do plan to watch it soon.

Well, some people say the Teyana’s Harlem ways came out in at the MET Gala yesterday. Apparently the super duper fancy, yet costume-ish formal gathering has notoriously bad food. I’ve heard this for a couple of years now. How bad?

Apparently the food is so bad that Teyana Taylor decided to bring Chick-fil-A to the event. She literally pulled out her Chick-fil-A and ate it right there in the gala. some expressed discontent and malfeasance for the X, but it seem to be mostly Black people. I think because it showed up on social media that we were under the impression that everybody knew she was eating this food. But, I doubt that people at the actual event were aware. Nevertheless, she is getting caught all the pre-requisite things such as ghetto and ignorant.

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But, if the food is that bad, then what’s the problem?

By the way, her Harlem, brother, A$AP Rocky is also getting criticized too. He jumped the partition between the fans, paparazzi, and others for the carpet, and he use the woman’s face to jump it. It was very awkward and weird. nevertheless, he made it to his destination, which was by Rihanna side as she posted a new pregnancy. We already knew she was pregnant, but she rubbed it in our faces once again, that he won the golden lottery ticket. Anyway, that’s that. Harlan’s in the house and Harlem’s on the rise!

Here is the lady by the way.

Also, by the way, ASAP said sorry!

Too funny!