The Alchemist Is Apparently Responsible For Sauce Walka’s Daringer Collab Project

Sauce Walka

Action Bronson messes with Sauce Walka’s music heavily as well.

Yes, a Sauce Walka album helmed by Daringer of Griselda Records exists and yes, The Alchemist has something to do with it, as does Earl Sweatshirt.

Long story short, Earl is a huge fan of TSF Bidnezz label—more specifically, Sauce Walka is allegedly his favorite rapper. Well, that’s based on what Sauce Walka said in a recent interview about what The Alchemist told him when they linked up earlier this year.

“The Alchemist walked up to me and the first thing I’m asking him, ‘Bruh when we going to get some work in, I do a album with you’,” Sauce Walka said in part.

Apparently, The Alchemist went on to tell Sauce Walka that not only was he a fan of his music, but so were his close collaborators, Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson.

“He was like, ‘Man we gone do an album, trust me,’” Sauce Walka said as he recanted The Alchemist’s reply before adding, “Me, Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt—you Earl Sweatshirt’s favorite rapper,’ this what The Alchemist telling me and I ended up meeting Earl Sweatshirt later.”

Sauce Walka continued, remarking on how The Alchemist obliged his collab request—but on one condition only.

“‘We listen to you everyday at the studio or whatever whoop-whoop-whoop, but the way you and Darringer sound together we are just stuck on that—so please give me an album of that and then after you give me a whole album of this, then me and you can do an album,’” Sauce Walka said of his conversation with The Alchemist.

For frame of reference, Sauce Walka’s “Without” collaboration with Darringer was apparently the source on inspiration for The Alchemist’s upcoming collaboration with the TSF general and Earl.

While there’s no telling when the recording process will begin for The Alchemist and Sauce Walka’s collab album, his new album, Dat Boy Den, dropped on August 25 and includes features from Peezy, BIG30, Peso Peso and more. Sauce Walka also alluded to an upcoming collaboration with Swizz Beatz during the interview as well.

Check out the full clip below.