The FBI’s Secret Video May Lose The Case Against The NFAC’s Grand Master Jay

Grand Master Jay NFAC

Grand Master Jay may have a silver bullet in his defense against allegations that he pointed a firearm at law officials. A video has emerged.

Grand Master Jay faces federal charges later this year, but in the meantime, he may have found a gift from God if the rumors are correct.

Grand Master Jay is the leader of an organization called the NFAC crew and you should know what that means by now. But they are basically America’s largest black militia. There is essentially footage that appears to refute the charges that he was pointing a rifle at law officers. For the record, he was formally charged with five counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree (the most serious charge), one count of assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers and one count of brandishing a firearm in connection with a violent crime.

This all looks bad, but the legal defense is booming ( Here’s the rest of the back story.

All of this happened at a military formation in honor of Breonna Taylor, the young lady who was murdered by the cops as they did a no-knock warrant at her house. Anyway, the authorities maintain that at that NFAC military formation, GMJ pointed his gun upwards towards the law officials on the roof. One thing that we should all know, is that the NFAC has been pretty resolute in obeying all American laws to the teeth. They don’t violate any laws on purpose, as they understand being a black militia has its drawbacks in this racist country. All those guns? A death sentence!

They could not do THIS for example:

Trump Insurrection Capitol Charge on Make a GIF
Timeline: Verifying the Assault on the US Capitol | Storyful

Or This LOL:

Capitol Riot GIFs | Tenor

Those insurrection Trump loving bozos would have been a murderous massacre scene if they were Black! But I digress!

So what about that footage?

We have reviewed the footage and it looks legitimate. What it shows is Grand Master Jay giving a brief hug to a police official, in a manner that certainly does not suggest malice or hostility towards them. Remember, this is America. If you point a GUN at FIVE officers…you are going to die. Period! This is why the charges came months later after the formation was long over. His supporters maintian it is all bogus!

Hopefully, I get approval to run the video for you guys to see.

Here are some videos of GMJ speaking recently.