The Feds Will Seize Wu Tang Album?

Let Us Hear It!

It looks like the Feds may just get that Wu Tang album. Certainly this cannot be pleasing to The RZA, but…maybe it is. Since Martin Shkreli stole money from his companies – allegedly – to pay off other non-related debts, they are now questioning if the money he stole was used to buy the one-of-one Wu-Tang album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Tey say he even may have illegally used the funds to threaten somebody’s life. Previously, the FBI claimed they didn’t take the album, but now…we don’t know.  The word is out. If the album was purchased with funny funds, the FBI will take it. Then what? They better put that bish on AudioMack and get it poppin’ b.

Shkreli should never challenge the Shaolin.