The Game Involved In Love Triangle?


Photo via The Game’s Instagram

With The Game’s dating show premiere around the corner, it seems like he’s having his own dating problems behind the scenes. Groupie Briona Mae posted a photo of her and Game in a car with the caption,

“Hi baby, you had him, now you lost him, but I’ma always have him.”

It sounds like Briona may have been listening to some Mokenstef! Remember Briona is the same one who got called out for trying to insinuate that something was going on between her and Chris Brown. While Game’s on and off girlfriend India Westbrook only posted a picture with the caption “Carries on,” her sister wasn’t as kind.

India’s sister commented under Briona’s photo calling her a groupie and telling her that she wasn’t anything special to Game or anyone else. Briona told India’s sister to be careful before she leaked India’s nudes. The Game has to stop messing with these little girls.

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