The Game Tells Chet Hanks To “Go Back To Becky”

Chet Hanks

Chet Hanks is back on his BS.

The Game is up on this dude Chet Hanks aka Chet Haze.

I think Chet is going to have some real issues if he doesn’t stop playing. I can see him pressing charges asap if somebody cleans his clock. I can already see the headlines. “Chet Hanks Brutally Beaten Into Bushes By The Game.” LOL!

At any rate, The Game has taken exception to Chet Haze’s blatant fetishizing of Black women. What is is with this dude? He disrespects the culture in every way imaginable. Uses the N-Word. Talks in Jamaican Patois! He’s is now obsessing over Black women, calling for something called Black Queen Summer? Chet The Alleged Threat…why? Why is Chet doing all this?

Maybe just maybe he wants to deflect the attention from his ex claiming that he attacked her and called her “just a ghetto Black b##ch.” So, after he allegedly put hands on her he said nobody is gonna believe you because you are just a “Black b##ch.” He has accused her of stuff, but I don’t believe him – point blank. She is the one with the restraining order.

At any rate, some of the ladies have raised an eyebrow to The Game, but I am focused on “time to go back to becky bro” LOL! I cannot say if he means Black women or men regarding that “level of anger” with the second part.

I think…Chet is the mission until we talk to him.

F you and your white boy summer BS. I am the snow and an arctic breeze, MF!

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