The Just-Us League Is Formed In Montgomery Alabama!

South Beach Crime Scene

A massive brawl broke out when some white guys decided to jump a Black security guard. Watch the video and see who went too far!

Yo, it was straight-up mayhem on Saturday evening down in Alabama near the iconic Montgomery Riverfront Park. Social media’s going crazy with footage of an all-out brawl that went down, and guess what? Some folks were arrested!

So here’s the deal: around 7 p.m., the cops got a call about a major disturbance going down in the 200 block of Coosa Street. When they rolled up to the scene, they found a massive group of people throwing down in a full-on brawl! The police statement said they nabbed several people involved in the mess, and now, they’re holding them pending possible charges.

But hold up, here’s where it gets wild! Reports suggest the whole madness started when a pontoon boat, carrying a bunch of white folks, decided to park themselves at the riverfront, blocking a riverboat from docking.

A Black security guard, just doing his job, asked the folks on the pontoon to move their behinds. But instead of cooperating, these white dudes went berserk and started attacking the security guard. They jumped him!

When the riverboat finally managed to dock, The Just Us League took formation! The brothas and sistas from the riverboat had a beatdown party on behalf of the security guard. People were going in! Women were getting whacked and jaws were getting cracked! It was total bedlam!

When the dust finally settled, the cops swooped in and arrested several folks who were involved in this chaotic mess. They will have some serious explaining to do, especially the man that hit that sitting white lady witih a folding chair.

Bro was buggin!

Yo, let’s remember, violence ain’t the answer, unless you jump a brother. Do not play in front of our collective face and think we won’t handle the business! The Just-Us League is here!!!!

By the way, somebody needs to give that lady a job in commentating!