The Kardashians And Others Banned By Ferrari From Buying Their Cars

Kanye West and kim kardashian

Floyd Mayweather, The Kardashians and Justin Bieber cannot cop a fly Ferrari? Why and how did this come to pass?

Ferrari has banned a number of celebrities from buying their vehicles, according to a recent “report.” The Italian luxury car maker has not formally announced that they have a “list,” but there is a list. They do reserve the right to restrict purchases on their vehicles, the report says.

They have stated explicitly that they do not allow for anyone to adjust or “pimp out” their vehicles. I guess Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather and the Kardashian family have somehow violated their policy. How? Very little is out there. But, the word is the restricted people Justin Bieber, because he changed the color of the car and then sold it.

And there isn’t a lot MORE information on this but I can imagine a company like Ferrari is highly protective of their likeness and their designs in order to keep it a cut above. Also: Hip-Hop. Everyone does not agree with altering or customizing their stuff. Remember, back in the day Dapper Dan used to feed the streets with custom-made Gucci and Gucci hated it. In fact, he was shut down for a very long time until recently they started showing love.

I do not think that Ferrari is going to start showing love suddenly but rest assured the Lamborghini is still out there. Moreover, I think they could find a way to a Ferrari if they wanted. I cannot, however.

This may be a rumor, because I do not see it anywhere else on the ‘net.

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