The Lamborghini Moneybagg Yo Got Ari Fletcher Is Being Re-Possessed!?!

Ari Fletcher,

Moneybagg Yo and ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher are at odds and it has all climaxed with the pending repossession of a Lamborghini truck.

What’s going on here?

Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher has a bit of an issue! She has a Lamborghini truck, but she is getting sued by an auto company, who is trying to repossess the expensive vehicle. Why is this the issue?

The truck was reportedly bought and gifted to Ari Fletcher from her man rapper Moneybagg Yo. But it seems like he didn’t pay for it all and she didn’t seem to keep up the payments! So, now SHE is being sued.

WELP! Media Take Out says Moneybagg broke up with Ari and he STOPPED the payments as well. I see, it was hers, but he was making the payments. So, this is a hit on her credit! The truck cost a reported $350,000 AND WAS A LEASE. Oh noooooooooooooooooooo… was never given.

The leasing company is claiming non-payment and suing anybody that is in possession of the vehicle. She needs to put up the bread or give up the car. I do not know the math on this car, but I have determined that a likely scenario is that the note is AT BEST $5,000 a month. Another scenario could have the payment at over $7,000 per month. At any rate, that is a “nut” to cover every month. If you are rich like Moneybagg, COOL. If you are Ari, not so cool.

But she has money. She gave him 28 acres of LAND.

The leasing company docs:

Ari The Don probably cut her losses and got a damn BMW or something fresh, but easier to maintain. You never know. A re-possession takes on many forms. She seems to be happy and doing well.

What is odd is that they were seen together shortly before this, happy and all that good stuff. What happened so fast that made it all fall apart so fast and violently. Also, if this started recently, it seems like those payments stopped a ways ago. It may be the reason for the break!

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