Lil Tay Kisses And Tells On Chinese Kitty, But, What He Says…

The lovely Chinese Kitty is a rising star in music, but Lil Tay has made some sensational claims about their sex life.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) I had no idea these two were and item and I don’t really care. If I am not with Chinese Kitty, why do I care that Lil Tay is? Well, I wouldn’t but I guess the ways of the day are f##king and telling. That is exactly what tay did. Check this out. 

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Now, I agree that you cannot go around kissing and telling, but he may have delivered a mortal blow to Chinese Kitty! SIKE! I don’t even know how old old her son is, but I bet he’s very young! This is the sort of stuff that gets you MORE time and attention on social media and gets you a storyline on LAHH.