The Scoop On Issa Rae’s Hip-Hop Plan…Gangsta!

Issa Rae

Issa Rae is in the rap game.

Issa Rae has a new artist signed to her Raedio label! Did you know that? Well, this business venture is through Atlantic Records, but the artists have not ALL been announced They dropped their first track last Friday.

Now, the interesting thing about Raedio is that they are doing it a bit of old school. They are not jumping on bandwagons or seeing the hot new Tok Tok, Tok Tik or Tik Tok rapper. Raedio seems to be working with young, relatively unknown artists and breaking them in a traditional way.

Enter: Ncognita.

She has a new song called “Gangsta Lean” that hit on the DSPs last week. She’s a new but dope lyricist. She is the first release on Raedio. My insiders say they are going to go full steam ahead with homegirl even though she is new. She is like Def Jam and LL Cool J or something. What do you think about this song?

I think she is dope. The ladies are coming with the heat!

I did a little digging and found out a bit about her. Ncognita is from LA and has been doing music for a minute. I do not yet know how she got with Issa. I do know…its on! ISSA IS IN THE RAP GAME!