There Is A Feud Over Nate Dogg’s Estate


Photo by Mike FANOUS Gamma-Rapho/ Getty Images

There are reports that Nate Dogg’s son doesn’t see it for his widow, and he is not going to let her cash in on his estate. Naijiel Hale the son of the late Nate Dogg, blames his widow Latoya Calvin for his father’s death and claims their marriage was a sham. Hale believes Calvin caused the car accident that led to Nate Dogg having multiple strokes, eventually causing his death in 2011. He also believes that Calvin married his father when he was mentally incapacitated. Interesting enough Latoya didn’t even attend Nate Dogg’s funeral. There may be some truth in Hale’s claims as Nate Dogg’s estate is saying Nate separated and filed for divorce 19 days after the marriage to Latoya. Unfortunately, the death was not finalized before he passed away. Hmmmmmmmmmm.