There Is An Alleged $1 Million “Hit” On Quando Rondo!

Quando Rondo

A man has been arrested, but the streets are still very hot in the aftermath of King Von’s death.

I don’t know who this guy in the video below is, but he calls himself a “street reporter.” Well, the street reporter started a rumor and he doesn’t have any facts or even any real sources. He just talks about what he’s hearing. Well, what he’s hearing is that the BD’s have a hit out on Quando Rondo to the sum of $1 million. That’s a lot of money! If he heard it, then you know the feds heard it! If he heard it, then you know the cops heard it! If he heard it, then Quando Rondo probably heard it! NBA Young Boy had to hear this if it is true! I am not quite sure what the point of all of this is because this sounds like putting a bullet in your direction just for getting in the middle! People stay doing stuff for the clout! I’m not mad at him though, He’s got people talking! I wouldn’t be the one to deliver this news. At any rate, the way the streets work is they you kill somebody for free because they killed your homey. At least that’s what I think, but what do I know?

The reality is this is complicated and, if you receive $1 million in any form or fashion, not only are you probably going to get killed for it!  You are going to have a whole ‘nother problem! See people with common sense think about things like this and I have a lot of common sense. A lot of Instagrams have gone dark or have been canceled and a lot of people are very quiet now.

If you remember, the early time after the death of King Von, was very loud and a lot of people were saying a lot on social media. It seems like smarter heads have prevailed and they are no longer out there saying they are going to kill the opposition. That’s exactly what they were saying at first – kill kill kill! I’m thinking maybe killing isn’t the remedy right now because we’ve already lost far too many young people to senseless death. Meanwhile, we just made some history with this election if that matters but, the tide of the country is shifting. And we need more love and positivity. I know that’s hard to tell somebody they just lost their homeboy and the way out of the hood. But that’s just the way it is. Now, you just have to get it how you can but killing somebody is probably the least likely way to change your circumstance right now. That said, I hope there’s not a $1 million bounty wanna Quando Rondo‘s head because that would ensure that somebody will try to kill him. I mean, I don’t want anybody to die but $1 million is quite a bit. It could be all cap too. It might not be. You might remember at one point somebody named Jeezy put up a few thousand to snatch somebody named Gucci Mane’s chain off of his neck and a man was killed. So the streets will respond if there is an actual bounty on the head of Quando Rondo. By the way, a man was arrested in Von’s death. The sad part is we don’t even really know what’s happening at this moment. That doesn’t really matter it’s just gonna be another n-word dead.

Not sure if this dude is authentic and/or real, but here it is.