This Is What T.I. Will Do Instead Of Battling Young Jeezy!

Looks like T.I. found something better to do with his battle.

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T.I. and Jeezy were originally slated to duke it out at the coveted “battle,” a series curated by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. However, over the weekend new imagery promoted by Gucci Mane and others pushed a battle between the two trap stars.

Then the memes started! But I am not going to take about the memes, because they make fun of three of the most heralded artists in Hip-Hop. But, the fact is…everybody wants to know what happened with Tip! I know what happened with T.I. But, I cannot completely say. What I can say is that T.I. is “working on something else.” What is that something else? Well, I can tell that we all know, but cannot say. Let us just say that Tip will be doing something that will ultimately work in his favor more than getting in the middle of Jeezy and Gucci.

Gucci no longer plays well with others, so most of us predicted he would never do such a thing. He helped us think that when he tweeted, “Stop asking me about doing a @verzuzonline battle unless they got a million dollars they scared of Wop.” What I think happened is Jeezy – post-T.I. confirmation – said ANOTHER RECENT comment about Gucci and that set it off. Anyway, this is all very interesting and I pray WE THE PEOPLE are the real winners in all of this! Tip recognized this in a comment on IG, “Now THIS…. Is what the people wants to see. Trap Muzik salutes y’all.” Good sport!

Here is some of the sparring between Gucci and Jeezy:

“SAY lil guwop SEE YOU ON THE 19th. DON’T SEND YA CLONE! BIG SNO #R2. Cultural Celebration From ATL.” – Jeezy

“Tell buddy get ready. @verzuzonline nov 19 TrapGod vs SnoCone” – Gucci

Who do you have? Gucci or Jeezy?

I lot of people I know got Gucci. I feel like Gucci was always for the streets and Jeezy floated up just a bit more. I could be wrong!