Could T.I. Cause Law Makers To Ban “Virginity Tests”? Amber Rose, Omarion, & Ray-J Rumors!

People are talking about how certain law makers weren’t feeling Tip’s  alleged views.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. maintains that he wasn’t really checking his daughter’s hymen to make sure she’s still a virgin. Nevertheless, there are lawmakers that are resolute in taking action after the rapper make comments that counter his 20/20 remarks. T.I. probably knows now that things have changed since back on the day, when people thought a hymen was the chief way to determine virginity in girls. I guess so! Whatever causes the foolishness to stop!

By the way, Tiny also says some stuff about Tip trying to cheat with a more docile woman. Trouble Man was not feeling this all, but he managed to keep his cool.

Amber Rose Goes Under The Knife With Her Whole Body….

Amber Rose is a pretty woman, but she is taking things to the next level with maintaining her looks. In the era of The Gram, she is letting everybody know that she’s totally transparent with how she gets to be such a pretty lady. SHE GETS SURGERY! When she had her second baby, you would have thought she’d hit the gym to get her body tight. BUT NO…she’s getting sliced and diced to perfection!

Good News! Ray J and His Future Wife Reunite!

The story has a happy ending….

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KRS-One’s Mystery Album…

I know a lot of you are not really into KRS-One and old school rap, but the Blast Master KRS-One has a new album. But does anybody know what is up with this? I am mostly curious, because this is the only place I have seen it.

Lil Fizz owes J Boog the fade of a lifetime!

Omarion cut the whole B2K out of the Millenium tour on Lil Fizz’s birthday at that! Now, I don’t know what possessed Fizz to think he could carry on with O’s ex like that and nothing happen! But something happened! Now, J Boog is really tight over it! He’s a casualty of war! He’s just taking a L in a major way, but being cool about it. Check out what he has to say about it.