Did Tiny Confirm That T.I. Is Creeping Around With Bernice Burgos?


(AllHipHop Rumors) What in the world is going on over there with the Family Hustle?!

Over the years alleged up and downs in T.I. and Tiny’s marriage have hit the public. The couple has been plagued with rumors of infidelity to alleged lit threesomes for as long as I can remember.

I mean even in the last few years Tip and Floyd Mayweather got in a fight over Tiny. Tiny said she only took a picture with Floyd at Mariah Carey’s party, only for footage of her dancing with Floyd at the same party to leak. There have been rumors that T.I. has had affairs forever, and that he’s even allegedly fathered children outside of their marriage. Oh yeah, and Tiny allegedly got in an altercation at an Atlanta hotel over T.I. and his rumored side chick, known escort Ana Montana.

No one wanted to believe any of the divorce rumors over the years, but it became all to real when Tiny filed last year. Fast forward to present day, and T.I. has been rumored to be hooking up with Instagram model Bernice Burgos. There have been tips floating around of them hanging out together as well as screen shots of Bernice saying she’s happy.

Folks won’t ever let Tiny be, so one “fan” decided to tell Tiny,

“Bernice be all over your HUSBAND ig. You are a strong woman Tameka cause I would’ve buss tip side his head with a bottle of Hennessy.”

Tiny replied saying,

“I ain’t losing no sleep over no pass around b-tch. Bless him & her too!!”

Is it just me or does it seem like they might have once had an open lit azz relationship, but it lead to Tip dipping in too many other women outside of the house without Tiny, and now Tiny is tired of it? I could be wrong doe.