TMZ Ethers Soulja Boy And Then Soulja Boy Ethers TMZ


Ahhhhh – to be petty. t must be so liberating to not care about having class or good taste. Soul Boy walks around bragging about the $6 million house that he may or may not own. However, TMZ talked to one of their oh-so-reliable “sources” and they informed them that SB was really only renting the big house. Did they offer up paper work? No, it was a “source” that knows. Well, it seems like the house shows up on Air BnB, which prompted TMZ’s “source” to assume the pad was a rental.

SB claps back and reveals that it IS the owner of the 500 square foot penthouse and that he can poop in all of these bathrooms if he wants. He offered no deed or anything to prove he’s truthful. However, he explained that he posts the home on Air BnB for a bit of extra cash. Well, he got TMZ! He say, she say! Why NOT!

Remember when this dude was a silly goof, dancing in 6x clothing? We’ll he’s now buying houses for $6 million and putting TMZ in their “place.” Get it?

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