Here Comes The Damage Control: Amid Reports Of The Ninth Death At Astroworld, Travis Scott Insists He ‘Didn’t Know’ What Went On

Travis Scott

Travis Scott insists he had no idea what was going on as the Astroworld Festival tragedy unfolded.

Travis Scott is changing his Astroworld story more than his dusty fans are changing their underwear.

First, he claims he didn’t know what went on at Astroworld. Then, he claimed that he went to Dave & Busters with his baby mama, Kylie Jenner, after the festival. Then he got on Instagram and gave the performance of his life, where he couldn’t even muster tears for the dead. Now, his legal team is back to claiming that Travis Scott didn’t know what went on at Astroworld.

You know, either he has the most incompetent legal team in California history, or he’s the biggest jackass in the hip-hop industry today. (Why not both?, you ask, and you’d be right.) When there’s an active investigation, the smart thing to do is keep your damn mouth shut. In this case, this “gangsta” is snitching on himself. What in the New Jack Struggle is this?

Anyway, Travis Scott’s aforementioned lawyer, Ed McPherson was on Good Morning America today, saying there’s still a lot to do in investigating exactly what went wrong last week, but he insists his client was in the dark, according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, as Travis Scott sweats more than a defendant in a child abduction case, a ninth victim of the Astroworld tragedy has succumbed to her injuries. 22-year-old Bharti Shahani was trampled in the melee, suffered several heart attacks, and was declared brain dead. She died on Thursday.

In a just world, we’d be remembering the victims and letting that clown Travis Scott fade into obscurity as he deserves. But, we’re in this one, so we’ll get a stream of comments from white-knighting fans, groupies who may or may not have sucked his d*ck, and hoteps who swear that this is part of some massive conspiracy to take him down because he planned to buy Apple TV or some sh*t.