Trick Daddy Catches Full Wrath Of Love & Hip-Hop Co-Star

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy is a legendary rapper, but Geisha 305 does not care.

I don’t know what Trick Daddy did with some woman is dragging him to hell and back in a new post that is circulating on social media. I know there’s a new season of Love and Hip-Hop on the way and that they have to do some free promotion for people to tune in. But this can’t happen at the expense of Trick Daddy!

I am literally trying to find out what happened, because some woman named

Geisha 305 (BAM!)

who is on the show or is about to be on the show posted a rant of epic proportions that ridicules Trick Daddy like nothing I have ever heard in my entire life. In the post she says that Trick Daddy made an attempt to prevent her from being on LAHH Miami. She also accuses him of dragging her on Instagram live and Facebook live, prompting her to make these videos.

If he did, he got everything that he was looking for and then some. Geisha 305 made fun of his lupus, his hairline, his features, and Trina even got a little dose in there as well. If this is a promotion, which I don’t think it is, it is certainly giving love and Hip-Hop what it needs and she probably has secured a spot on the show for bringing the drama and such a dramatic, natural fashion.

Honestly, I think Trick Daddy should just leave this one alone and let the sparks fly on TV, at least you’ll get paid for that.

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I took a look farther and there is not a lot of information out there but Geisha 305 and Trick Daddy used to rap together. In fact, they were friends. They had a song dissing Trina! I cannot believe it…this is nuts.