Trick Daddy Has Successfully P##### Off Black Women Today!


Well Trick Daddy successfully p##### off all black women today.

Trick took to his Instagram to tell black women that they needed to tighten up because “the Spanish and white hoes are getting finer.”

Trick criticized black women for doing all of the extra stuff like getting butt and breast enhancements and paying $150 to get their makeup done, but truly failing to achieve anything.

Trick Daddy says,

“If they f-ck around and learn how to fry chicken you hoes is useless.”

Now how could Trick not know black women wouldn’t be completely outraged. It’s already crazy enough that some black men already don’t want to date black women because of stereotypes and various off-the-wall beliefs.

The real question is has anyone handed Trick Daddy a mirror?!!? A fan commented on his page telling him that he looks like he’s embalmed seven days a week.