Trina Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Essence Festival


Trina is back in the news and this time it has to do with her lovely body and a wardrobe malfunction. Check out the video here.


Trina was the talk of the BET Awards, which were a celebration of 50 years of Hip-Hop. They tried to put a bun in her glorious oven. She was the talk of that and now, she’s reportedly the talk of the Essence Festival for all the wrong reasons yet again.

My sources at the affair tell me the Diamond Princess had a wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her breast popping out. I can’t lie, I like all of Trina and in my creepy way, well…I am going to cop a plea and say, “I am all man, people!”

Anyway, I saw it and it’s already being regarded as #nipplegate. I can’t show it to you, but I can reveal an edited version of it.

Here you go, you filthy animals!