Troy Ave Pulls Paperwork On Casanova!

Troy Ave vs Casanova

Casanova is behind bars and Troy Ave wants to ruin the streets for him too.

A lot of us live and die by the drama. The streets are predicated on in most instances, criminal activity or protecting those that are doing criminal activity. And if someone violates that, well, then things get complicated. Casanova has been one of the most thorough Dudes in hiphop presently, and he’s made a career of being that super-sturdy BK dude.

Now Troy Ave is testing everything we ever knew or thought we knew about Casanova. Clearly he’s promoting a new project, but he is doing severe damage to his incarcerated adversary. But it seems like Casanova may have talk to the cops in Troy is re-posting a report from the New York post. Definitely don’t love the New York post but we have to look deeper into the situation. It certainly does not look good. After a relatively fast Google search, I couldn’t find the story that Troy is referring to, so I’m not going to suggest it Casanova is a whole snitch but it just seems like there’s a whole lot of smoke!

Here’s what Troy said on social media.

“Caswell #Casanova Senior” cooperated with the police and snitched on his “Friend” Classik about a murder investigation. He foolin the crowd, I never 🧢 even against people ion f## wit. That’s called Integrity these clowns wouldn’t know nothing bout it! check the NY post for details 📝 ✌🏾This why I’m 1 of the realist to ever go from the streets to music. I DONT LIE not even on oops! I only deal in facts I came in this game looking like everything I rap about. I never started no issues, I NEVER HATED! I jus put on for my city & kept it authentic. My real fans know Wsup and that’s why y’all ride 4 me! But we outnumbered by these frauds, They talk tough but join gangs for protection, they Dick ride instead of standing on they own two. They the users not the dealers! They talk about being rich off trappin but u can see they broke or have rented apartments & cars! Troy Ave own everything ! Unfortunately other fake ones is in positions of power and they block people like Us! they try to assassinate my character and destroy my livelihood and a lot of so called “real n#####” let them! All cause they wanted to be accepted! They called me a rat every chance they got, knowing damn well my case is on camera and it’s self defense. I guess if somebody break in ya house kill ya family and u fight for the gun but police see u shooting at them u pose to say “I killed my family i don’t know who that person is y’all saw me shooting at” man FOH! I sat in jail, lost my money and almost lost my kids behind a hater … I’m done being a “Real N####” cause I was THE REALIST and they ain’t appreciate it ima jus continue to be a “REAL MAN” I jus dropped arguably “THE RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR” may not get the credit but ima take the cash long as y’all feel it and spread the word! #StreetsIsAMyth I Bully the Bullies I’m a Soldier Of GOD! #GODisGreatPaperStraight#RIPCLASSIK


So look below and you’ll see the post that Troy Ave made and you be the judge.

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