Tupac Gets PRIDE Clothing Collection

Tupac Shakur

They are back with a new incarnation of Tupac for the LGBTQ crowd!

Things have changed considerably in recent times. As many of you know, it is also pride month and black music month. Some people refer to it as African-American music month. I don’t use that term because I think that the diaspora extends far past America. However, let’s just talk about what’s going on. It seems like in a weird collaborative effort between pride and black music, the folks that now on to parks brand have a pride collection that they have unleashed in the merchandise world.

First things first, I am not sure how 2Pac would feel about his name being marketed in such a way. Honestly, I am not saying that he would or would not: simply that I don’t know. Knowing the truth hug that we grew up with, that brash, not fully formed and unrefined individuals, I am going to venture to say that he probably would not approve of this. That said, it’s still here.

The Internet has not held anything back and giving their opinions on this matter, but I will reserve my opinions. So at this point, whoever has the big Tupac Estate in their business portfolio can do as they please. So far, there has been no mention on how much has been sold from this collection. I would love to know how the LGBTQ generation is Vibin with it. Tupac didn’t exactly speak to their issues back in the day.

Let us continue to celebrate the great Tupac!