Where Two Rappers Offered 250K To Beef With Nicki Minaj?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It would seem like there are a multitude of ways to get on these days. One of the most constant ones has been BEEF. Now, most of the times, the newer rapper just does what they need to do, find a well known rappers and calls them out. However, the labels are now doing ALLEGEDLY desperate maneuvers to encourage their artists to beef with other rappers. Seems like two rappers were offered money to beef with Nicki Minaj.Lady LeShurr and another one that I never heard of were both reportedly offered $250,000 to beef with Nicki Minaj. Crazy!

What do you think of this? What strikes me is that both of these ladies are from the UK, I think. And both apparently said no, which is more interesting. I would beef with Oprah or Mike Tyson for $250k right about now! Check the social stuff below.

What up with Nicki and Nas tho? Just wondering.