VERZUZ RUMORS: How The Big Daddy Kane And KRS-One Battle Was Supposed To Go…

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KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane still have people talking but there are a lot of rumors as well! Check this out!


Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One still have the people talking. The rumors continue to come in bulk. Now, if you were looking at the battle, you may have noticed some various tensions, mishaps and even confusion at different points in the night. This spawned a few rumors that have yet to be fully answered. I almost did not address this, but yesterday Fat Joe did an Instagram conversation with Kane that touched on the rumor. So here it is.

Big Daddy Kane, at one point during the Verzuz, began to freestyle a pre-written rap that was not a song. Afterward, KRS-One then recites a rap off the top of the dome, which didn’t quite hit as hard. He then quickly adjusts and brings out Das EFX, the rap duo from EPMD’s#### Squad. This presented an interesting scenario, where they became unevenly yoked in the battle. As the night went on, there were other freestyles that were said on stage but they didn’t quite go head to head in the way as it was pre-planned. Kane was very diplomatic when he spoke to Fat Joe, stating that they did not go head to head in battle but they did get all the freestyles in. My rumors previously stated that they were to battle head-to-head for five rounds. This is in conjunction with previous interviews we’ve conducted that stated as much.

However, those five rounds were split up a little bit differently than we expected. And this leads to the next rumor. DJ Scratch was condemned a bit because people said he was being an aggressive bully, trying to do too much from the stage. Again, if you look at AllHipHop‘s interviews with both Kane and KRS, they both wanted to represent Hip-Hop to the fullest. That is why you saw breakdancers on stage doing their thing in the midst of a rap battle. What most people don’t understand is that there was supposed to be a DJ battle as well (APPARENTLY), which is why you saw a champion like DJ Scratch and a King like DJ Kid Capri on the stage. We did not see DJ Mister Cee (BDK’s first DJ) or producer/DJ Marly Marl, because I think they wanted a different type of show.

It looks like when KRS-One pulled an audible, Kane did too.

Kane had too much respect for Kid Capri (KRS’s DJ!) to see DJ Scratch perform surgery on him with his tricks on the ones and twos.  If you notice, once Kane saw that Kid Capri had nothing for him substantive in that turntable department, he made Scratch stand down and just go back to playing the records for the format of the show. Now in Chuck Creekmur‘s Instagram live conversation, Crazy Legs stated that Kid Capri was the one that set off the new tone with the DJs when he started to rap against DJ Scratch. REMEMBER THAT? BUT Scratch had already gone at The Kid surgically scratching “wack DJ Kid Capri.” It got ugly really fast and I think Kane wanted to keep the tone very positive. 

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Swizz Beatz, Crazy Legs, Charlie Mack and others got on Instagram to talk Verzuz!

By the way, Big Daddy Kane had to rappers…Scoob and Scrap. Well…Only Scrap showed up! I heard there may be a “thing” between him and Kane. Scoob now goes by the name Johnny Famous and is doing his own thing so maybe he does not wanna be a dancer in 2021! I dunno! He said something on IG:

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So where do we go from here? I think we all got what we wanted out of that Verzuz! We got to legends at the top of their game still duking it out in a way that there was no clear winner. The “winner” is whoever you wanted the winner to be. I believe it was a DRAW but if you don’t believe that, fine! I think that we all won and that is what is most important.

There’e MORE…maybe I will have more rumor in the future.

Who will be the next Verzuz battle? Tell me what you think in the comments!