VIDEO: Young Buck Claims He Wrote Bars For 50 Cent!

50 Cent and Young Buck

Young Buck has the world of Hip-Hop TALKING!

Rapper Young Buck made an interesting proclamation today.

The former G-Unit rapper, who has been at odds with 50 Cent longer than they were cool at this point, claims that he wrote rhymes for The General. I am not quite sure what to think of this. This may just be an act of war in a battle with no rules.

As we know 50 Cent has periodically taking shots at his former artist, most notably around the issues surrounding his alleged – but not confirmed – affinity for trans women. Young Buck has vigorously AND resolutely denied that he loves trans women like DJ Mister Cee for example. But 50 won’t let up. Now, at one point, Young Buck, who also goes by Buck Shotz, claims that he and $.50’s beef was actually fake and manufactured. 50 Cent definitely denied that and then, on top of it all, reiterated the transsexual allegations. So now I’m beginning to think that this is all war and nothing is off-limits, and the truth gets very blurry.

Check this out.

So for example, if 50 Cent is lying on Young Buck, why wouldn’t Young Buck lie on 50 Cent? I mean, it’s just so hard to tell what’s what. It definitely seems like this FACT or FICTION has taken a very long time to come out. I think we would’ve heard this before, kind of like how the rumors with The Game and 50 Cent started. 50 Cent charges that he took a number of old songs from his debut and gave them to his Compton protege. But anyway, we all know that these crews all collaborate and work together for the greater good. So it’s not impossible to think that the Young Blood could’ve helped 50 Cent or worked with him on his albums. It only helps him to help 50, right?

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