Village People Singer Claims The Grammys Have A Secret Racist Committee To Block Black Wins!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! Are you surprised?

The Grammys have come under much critique over the years for not fully awarding and recognizing black artists and their musical accomplishments. So to no one’s surprise, all hell broke loose when Adele beat out Beyonce for the Album Of The Year award at this year’s ceremony.

Well it looks like Village People singer, Victor Willis, has had enough and is ready to air it all about the Recording Academy and their ways.

Willis claims that there is a secret committee in place to make sure that black artists don’t take home “too many” Grammys! So apparently, they aren’t just out of touch; they are strategic.

Willis sent a letter to the President of the Recording Academy demanding that he confess about a secret group they allegedly had that was formed back in 1985 after Lionel Richie beat Bruce Springsteen for the Album Of The Year award.

According to TMZ, Willis claims the committee’s sole purpose is to override Grammy voters in the event the select committee does not like who the Grammy voter has chosen for the most important awards. INSANE!

Willis also suggests that there is a strong racial element, as he questions how many African Americans are on the said committee. According to TMZ, they did some digging, and found out that a secret committee does exist, but it’s put in place to take out embarrassing and undeserving nominations. The Recording Academy has since denied that any such committees exist. What are your thoughts?