Vlad Loses His Three Black Friends – Mysonne, Lord Jamar and Godfrey


DJ Vlad has amassed a lot of press recently, but for all the wrong reasons.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t really believe in giving attention to non-factors. The last time I mentioned DJ Vlad was in 2018, when it was becoming apparent that he was an agent of something! An agent of the cops! An agent of chaos and confusion! An agent of CHANGE? I simply posed the question. I don’t know that man, but Mysonne, Lord Jamar and Godfrey do. They know him very well and have come to call him a FRIEND. All have helped to legitimize, validate, and bolster the status of Vlad TV. They are not in any way owners of that platform which has garnered a sh*t ton of money for the non-practicing Jewish Russian. He’s getting PAID!

I was definitely shocked when the 1-2 punch known as Lord Jamar and Godfrey got on YouTube and aid they could no longer rock with Vlad. For those that did not know, Vlad misquoted Minister Farrakhan in an interview with D. L. Hughley, the conscious comedian. D. L. Hughley said some things but has been granted a pass because they were stated on false pretenses. It is good to see Black people rocking in solidarity. Check out what they said below:

I was more taken aback when Mysonne threw in the towel with Vlad. This comes after 12 years of friendships, countless defenses of “culture vulture” charges, and then some. But, he said V-Dot said that he did not care to apologize to the Minister, but would if he could get an INTERVIEW. Conditional apology. Also, he said that he didn’t care about the protests against him, as a guest within the culture of Hip-Hop, because it had not impacted his money. Welp. The relationship could not survive such a clash in morals. It is a lengthy video, but check out what Mys said about his former friend.

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