Wack 100 Says He Can Prove Biggie Was Bisexual Because Of $200 Bet He Lost

Wack 100

Does Wack 100 have a point or is he wilding out for speaking on Biggie Smalls’ name like this?

Blueface’s longtime manager, Wack 100, believes he has definitive proof Biggie Smalls identified as bisexual. Wack revealed his theory during his recent interview with No Jumper, where he explained the basis of the claim was rooted in a bet he lost a couple of hundred dollars on.

“They betted me that Biggie was bisexual,” Wack said in part. “I betted $200 that he wasn’t—and they played four or five songs of Biggie saying bi s###.”

Of course Wack didn’t stop there, and instead went pressed on while citing lyrics from Biggie’s discography such as the “You look so good, huh/I suck on your daddy’s d###” bar from his classic record “Me & My B####.” 

Wack also brought up a line from Biggie’s 1994 track “Just Playing (Dreams)” in which he dealt a disrespectful sneak diss blow to the female-led R&B group Xscape as he raps, “I’d f### RuPaul before I f### them ugly ass Xscape b####es.” He later apologized for the bars, remarking that they were all in the name of sarcasm and a product of his unique sense of humor.

No Jumper‘s host noted Biggie was known primarily for his fringe and often controversial and witty sense of humor—suggesting the suspect bars Wack is dwelling on were solely for comedic effect.

At the end of the day, it really isn’t our business what Biggie’s sexual preference was, unless he made it ours through his own free will. Word to Dwight Howard! However, one can infer, simply by his track record of famous flings, which include romances with Faith Evans and Lil Kim, that Biggie was a ladies’ man.