Wack 100 Changes Tune With In Fat Joe Situation

Wack 100

Wack 100 gives us all good news and, at the same time, he changes his frequency towards Fat Joe.

I think the news section might pick this up, but let us get into the good news first. There is a Big Pun series on the way! It seems like Big Pun’s widow, LIZA, has been working on some sort of series about the late, great rapper. Big Pun died in 2000 and the rap game has not been the same since. Anyway, most of you know, Pun and Joe were rap partners. As somebody signed to Joe, Pun was also his artist. This turned out to be problematic after the rapper died. I won’t get into that, but Wack 100 certainly did.

Wack 100, on that app ClubHouse, said some stuff about Fat Joe that were not flattering at all! He basically said that Fat Joe swindled Big Pun’s family out of some serious bread. He said roughly 30% was to go to Joe and that amounted to over $1 million smackeroos! But the real issue is Wack 100 inferred that Crack was preventing a “series” on Pun from coming out. The good news is whatever the issue was….is resolved! A Big Pun series is coming!

The internet is only talking about the fact that Wack’s energy changed totally. He does not indicate that he talked to Joe, but it sure seems like it.

So, if you go to about the 1-minute mark, you hear the initial comments.

And then you get to see the energy after.

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