Wack 100 Claims Kendrick Lamar Told Him Who He Was Dissing On “The Heart Part 4”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ever since Kendrick Lamar subliminally came for peoples heads on “The Heart Part 4”, folks have assumed that K. Dot was sending shots to both Drake and Big Sean.

I mean after all, Kendrick and Drake along with Big Sean have seemed to trade little subtle shots here and there.

The Game’s overly opinionated manager, Wack 100, claims that he personally spoke to Lamar about the surprise single.

Wack didn’t really spill the beans though. Most have expressed on social media that they hate Wack because they feel like he somehow got his 15 minutes, and now he won’t go away!

He’s the most gossiping “ganster” we’ve ever seen. Anyway Wack took to Instagram where he claimed to have intel on K. Dot’s latest controversial track.

“Just got off the line with @kendricklamar and Lil bro talking bout what n-ggas was talking bout and you know who he talking bout and we all waiting to hear what you gone be talking bout !!! #DidYouHearWTFKDotTalkinBout OH AND BY THE WAY APRIL 7TH WACKs B-DAY.. N-GGA GOT ME WORKING ON MY B-DAY… #West??”

Do you think Wack was really talking to Kendrick? Also Kendrick we are still disappointed that you didn’t call ninjas out by name! Carry on!

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