Wack 100 Finally “Clears Up” His “Disrespectful” Comments On Tupac


(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t think I’ve ever heard Wack 100 say a thing that is popular opinion, or that sits right with fans.

As you know, The Game’s manager, Wack 100 had come under fire in the last few weeks because of him saying that Tupac wasn’t a real gangster.

Wack said that every time a gun was involved, Tupac was on the wrong side of the barrel. Wack said that he’s a fan of Pac’s music, but fans need to stop confusing what Pac rapped about with what he really did.

According to Wack, Pac couldn’t pass his gangsta grade or the test of being a true foot soldier.

Pac fans weren’t buying Wack’s claims and they turned relentless with the Wack disses, bashing him on social media for being “disrespectful” to the late rapper.

Wack has finally recorded a video to “clear up” his previous claims about Pac.

“Yo listen, everybody upset because I said Tupac wasn’t a gangsta. Let me repeat myself. I’m a Tupac fan; I bought all of his music. Know half of his music bar-for-bar. Tupac won’t no gangsta. He had ganstas around him. Pac was a revolutionary type guy. On some real sh-t I don’t know why yall mad talking bout I’m disrespecting him. It is what it is……He wasn’t a gangsta. He didn’t shoot two police. He shot at two white people who he later learned were off-duty police………I stand by what I say. He wasn’t a gangsta; he was a revolutionary. Piru,” said Wack.

Welp, and there you have it folks: Pac according to Wack. What are your thoughts? Do you think Wack was wrong?!