Wack 100 Says Tupac Was A Rapist

DA F##?

(AllHipHop Rumors) What is Wack 100’s beef with Tupac?!

The man is one opinionated “gangsta”. It’s like every other day he’s on Instagram commenting on Tupac and trying to discredit him in one way or another.

Wack 100 came under fire because of him saying that Tupac wasn’t a real gangster. He truly upset people when he said that Pac wasn’t a true foot soldier, and every time a gun was involved, Pac was on the wrong side of the gun.

Wack tried to clear up his words by assuring Tupac fans that he is actually a true Tupac fan, he just feels that he wasn’t a gangsta. He referred to Pac as true revolutionary kind of guy and that’s about it.

“Yo listen, everybody upset because I said Tupac wasn’t a gangsta. Let me repeat myself. I’m a Tupac fan; I bought all of his music. Know half of his music bar-for-bar. Tupac won’t no gangsta. He had gangstas around him. Pac was a revolutionary type guy. On some real sh-t I don’t know why yall mad talking bout I’m disrespecting him. It is what it is……He wasn’t a gangsta. He didn’t shoot two police. He shot at two white people who he later learned were off-duty police………I stand by what I say. He wasn’t a gangsta; he was a revolutionary. Piru,” said Wack.

Now a comment left by Wack has surfaced where he refers to Tupac as a rapist. Many had a problem with it because Pac was never convicted of rape. Pac was acquitted on a few counts of sodomy/attempted sodomy. A fan referred to Pac as God, and Wack responded saying,

“@Chantaha_k Pac is God!! Yell you need help. God is a thug, rapist, raps of killing kids?? Wow you gotta be 23 years old,” said Wack 100.

What are your thoughts? Is Wack just trolling or what?