Waka Flocka Replies To Trolls About A ‘Chocolate’ Preference!

Are preferences still allowed?

Okay, since when did inclusivity dictate personal choice? Today, it seems as though actual inclinations may have silently become taboo. In fact, Waka Flocka speaks up. He replies to trolls about a ‘chocolate’ preference.

As of late, the diversified boss continues to expand his financial portfolio. Be that as it may, Mr. Hard in da Paint always makes time for music. Recently, while the provocative personality, was performing he makes the matter-of-fact request.

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Actually, a circulating video shows his actions. So, the reality rapper is seen standing atop a DJ’s booth. Frenchie’s “Pop That” is encouraging some rather eager ladies. Who, in turn, attempt to gyrate their glutes.

However, the adopted ATLien is far from moved. Momentarily, the music is paused. This is when he is seen bending down to retrieve a microphone. Once, firmly in his grip, Flockaveli proclaims, “I need some chocolate on stage, man.”

Immediately, the crowd erupts with agreement. Be that as it may, the “Round Of Applause” rhymer further clarifies his statement. In The Shade Room’s IG post, he writes, “Imagine tryna be a good person and be inclusive to all?.., Imagine?

Overall, an ample amount of folks are showing that they share his sentiment. Even YG adds a series of crying emojis to seemingly display his support. Someone even likened the twerk fest to nothing more than a shaking “back and kneecaps.”

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In short, the unspecified performance finds Waka Flocka is a place of reclaiming his peace. The above post appears to address the incident. A candid statement reads, “Learning how to leave people alone and go on with your life is a needed skill. You must master it.”