Wale Shoots Down Gay Rumors!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well it looks like Stevie J & Wale have found themselves as the subjects of gay scandals this week!

You know that every other day a story emerges that some rapper or singer is allegedly gay. This week’s victim of the gay rapper rumor mill happens to be Wale.

Someone allegedly sent a photo of a man and someone who people believe to be as Wale in the bed together with a story line of an alleged gay affair to gossip IG account @IndustryOnBlast.

The person says that Wale was allegedly messing around with their male cousin but got ghost once Wale had his new baby.

“My cousin has been dealing with Wale off and on for 3 years, he flew him up to DC last summer and we all went out to stadium and a few other places. He stopped hearing from him and all of a sudden he post his new baby on his page. The tea is my cousin is a guy. He really should be ashamed, he’s living a lie and really foul out here, but then again that’s probably why he’s paranoid and on edge,” wrote the insider.

Wale wasn’t with the sh-t, so he took to Twitter to respond.

“Kill yall wild af and believe anything. Some of yall want some drama bad you’ll settle for a fake one if it’ll create a convo,” said Wale.

I mean not that it matters that much whether he is or he isn’t, well depending on who you ask. LOL.

It certainly didn’t help Wale’s case when people brought up his interview with Larry King where he says that he thought it would be a gay rapper before a black president, and that it’s taboo to speak bad about the gay community now because homosexuality is socially accepted.

Wale saying that homosexuality is socially accepted doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay either. He could just be speaking in general and expressing that he’s a heterosexual male who isn’t homophobic. Either way, you can’t convince the internetz that that’s not Wale in the picture below. What are you thouhts?

All I know is yall better leave Wale alone. Yall know he’s experienced suicidal thoughts in the past, and that he’s been considering quitting music.


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