Did Wale Take A Shot At Chance The Rapper?

Kanye West


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wale is never one to hold back how he feels. He is quite the expressive rapper.

Apparently Wale felt the need to address a few rappers.

“Some of these politici…..I mean rappers have some amazing PR…good two shoes all American boy holier than thou swag,” tweeted and deleted Wale.

Folks automatically felt like Wale was talking about Chance The Rapper! I mean the entire tweet sounds like a shot at Chance!

Either Wale must feel like his image and persona is fabricated, or maybe Wale forgot that people can grow and change.

Some fans believe that Wale may have been saying that Chance’s persona is fake and that he’s a hypocrite. Others argued that although Chance went from “acid rap” to being a politician to being holier than thou, there’s nothing wrong with growing and getting closer to God.

Some people also believe that Chance is an industry plant whose push is annoying and forced.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Wale was talking about Chance? If so, does he sound like a hater?


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