Was Gospel Star Yolanda Adams At Freaknik With Trina Back In The Day?


They tried to play with gospel singer Yolanda Adams, but Trina set the record straight!

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Yolanda Adams is one of the more respected and revered gospel sensations EVER. She does not have a lot of peers. However, the internet recently tried to play her like a common guttersnipe recently! First of all, a lot of these moms and grand moms were out there in Atlanta getting freaky when they were younger! Back in the 90s there was a thing in Atlanta called “Freaknik.” All it was was people in the streets acting crazy.

Well, as you can imagine, a lot of people were out and about. But, the internet done went an lost its collective ever-loving minds with this one! They have tried to say explicitly that this women with her assets out in front of Trina is none other than Yolanda Adams! Get back, ye heathens!

Ain’t no WAY that is my gospel singing sister! You know how I know? Trina shot it down herself from the IG. I saw it myself, but I did not screen shot it in time. But , Lil Duval did! Peep!

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Thank you Trina for setting the record straight!

But she did not set the record straight with the others! Was that really Kimberly and Elise?!