Was Lizzo Twerk Session Done To Impress Karl-Anthony Towns?

Lizzo wasn’t about to let the Laker Girls get all the shine and snag the attention of her love-interest, Karl-Anthony Towns.

Last Sunday, recording artist Lizzo shocked the internet and NBA fans at the Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game when she stood and twerked her ass off. The singer decided to give the audience an extra show as the Laker Girls performed to her single, “Juice.” She had our mouths wide open as she turned around to face the camera and show her shirt cut off from the back revealing the black thong she was wearing.

 The “Truth Hurts” singer also caught us by surprise as she confessed her love for Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns. During an interview, she proudly said, “Let me tell you something, both teams look great, I’m personally cheering for number 32.”

She continued with, “that’s my baby!”

When asked if she knew Towns, she replied, “Nope” with a laugh. 

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The team found out about Lizzo’s love interest and retweeted a couple of Tweets by the singer as she expressed her admiration for their teammate.

Her man showed out that night scoring 21 points in the first half of the game.

 The Timberwolves lost that night against the Lakers 125-142.

Looks like Lizzo wanted to catch her man that night as she showed the entire facility what she was really about. Maybe Towns is an ass dude and can admire the persistent his not-so-secret admirer showed him last night?

Do you think Lizzo was trying to show out for Towns?