Was Metro Boomin Referring To Young Thug When He Said Rappers Are Biting Future?


Young Thug wasn’t too happy about comments that Metro Boomin made suggesting that rappers were biting Future! Metro said putting out 5 mixtapes in a year won’t make you heat up like Future. He said that was Future’s path, and it won’t work for everyone. He also tells rappers they need to focus on quality over quantity. Metro says Future isn’t necessarily the first to do the consistent mixtape wave, but he certainly believes Future has been the inspiration for the trend lately. Young Thug was not feeling Metro statements and told him he can ride Future’s d*ck as long as he doesn’t agitate others. Thugger tells Metro to call out some names of the rappers he’s referring to also. Hmmmm this should be good! What are your thoughts?

* Oh yeah Thug says Future’s music could never sound as good as his. He says he’s Michael and Future is Tito. Oh….

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