Was TDE’s Isaiah Rashad Accidentally Outed? Fans Support Regardless Of His Sexual Preference.

Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is receiving a gang of support after a sex tape of him allegedly leaks into the internet.

So, let us begin.

I do not know what the politics of “coming out” are these days, but I will say this: once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it ain’t going back in. TDE’s Isaiah Rashid is one of the most beloved members of the culture. First, he is a member of one of rap’s dopest collectives and secondly, he’s very dope musically.

I was shocked when word started to spread that bro might be into some activities of an LGBT nature. I am not one to care either way these days, but the internet was on FIYAH about this. I have not seen the video and I will not look for it, but there is reportedly a video.

And in said video, that I have not seen, there are reportedly two men of a Latin flavor going down on the fella that cranked out jams such as this:

And this:

But, yeah…a threesome.

So, here is the mystery of it all. We don’t know how this video was leaked. Did he leak it? Did somebody do it maliciously? Was he set up? I have not seen it, but I have been following the tweets. You can imagine there’s plenty of confusion, homophobia and shock. Personally, this stuff does not shock me any more. I really am not phased by the sexual habits of others too much. God Bless.

However, a lot of people are highly concerned about him. If he did not want to come out yet or ever, this could be tragic and devastating to him. So, we may need to keep bro in prayer.

Here are some of the tweets to give you some idea…that the support for bro is real.