Was There Tension Backstage Between Future & Desiigner At The BET Awards?


Rumor has it that there was tension behind the scenes between not only Future and Desiigner, but also between their crews backstage at the 2016 BET Awards. Desiigner has been taunted since the beginning as fans, and even some in the industry, believe he completely jacked Future’s style and sound.

Allegedly, there was much tension between the two rappers, and a source said the drama was so unnecessarily hyped up and instigated by those around them.

We would like to believe that both Future and Desiigner are indifferent about the whole comparison, but it seems like Future really does feel some type of way as he said that fans at one of his concerts must have been Desiigner fans as he tried to warm up the crowd. From the clips that have appeared online from a Desiigner’s listening session, it sounds like his whole ‘New English’ mixtape may sound like Future. LOL.