Watch Beyonce & Blue Ivy Dance Together

Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Beyonce

Watch Blue Ivy dance on tour with Mama Beyonce!

You gotta love legacy!

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! First of all, Blue Ivy is our collective “niece.” Doesn’t matter what Jay or Bey say! This is what it is. We are all looking at her grow up and shine. We are also looking for her to turn out great. Well, that is what’s happening before our eyes. Beyoncé is on tour and guess what she’s doing with Blue? Dancing up a storm! Too cute. Look at it below.

No other kids out there are getting the love and adulation of the people like Blue Ivy.

Here’s another scene.

Please remember, this child is 11 years old. She is tall, too. She is destined to be something that changes the world.