Well. Looks Like Birdman JUST Told Jay Z And Lil Wayne


(AllHipHop Rumors)
Birdman ain’t playing. He maybe taking some losses in the court of public opinion, but he ain’t taking no losses with Lil Wayne.

It looks like Lil Wayne is never going to get off of Cash Money. Hope he’s making some money through Drake and Nicki Minaj. But, as for signing to Jay Z and Roc Nation, Baby will have none of it.

In this video, Birdman is stunting super hard. He once called himself the No. 1 Stunna and you can see why in this video. Private jet. Dope cars. And trash talk! He’s basically poppin off to Wayne and Jay, saying he’s gonna “lock away the key.” He says some other stuff too, but its hard to understand, I have to admit.

He’s popping off HEAVY!

“Fk with me if you fkin’ with me!”