What 90’s Rap Legend Uses Ghost Writers Like Crazy?

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What 90’s rap legend proficient at using ghost writers to sound better than he did in his prime?

Ghost writers have always been Hip-Hop‘s dirty little secret. It’s the biggest secret it’s not a secret.

In 2022, we tend to frown upon ghost writers, but also except that they are a part of the creative process for quite a few. The further along we go, the more we realize that they are indelibly entrenched within the process creatively.

But, there are some artists that are revered for their pen game and having a ghost writer is completely unacceptable. That said, there are also those that are perpetrating frauds and pretending to be writing their own rhymes. And they are not! I am not going to snitch or drop dime, but I will tell you this: somebody is faking jacks.

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A popular emcee from the 90s, is using ghost writers heavily. I am not one to say exactly who this person is, because I like living and also I don’t want to upset your illusions. Still, he is spitting better now than he was back in the day. Hip-Hop insiders know who he is and that he is proficient with employing ghosties. This guy slightly angers me, but I will let him live and not expose him. He is quietly being exposed in the underworld of Hip Hop, for those that know his deep, dark secret! He has done songs with people and openly uses the ghost pen!

And, get this…he seems to think he’s outgrown the culture. Go figure.

Now, the question is do you know who he is!?!