What Does It Matter That Kodak Black Has Endorsed Trump?

What does it matter that Kodak Black endorses Donald Trump?

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Kodak Black has endorsed Donald Trump for reelection.

WHO CARES! I am not sure why this matters to anybody, but this happened. Kodak Black is currently serving a 46-month jail sentence.. The rapper, a month or so ago, decided that Donald Trump was his best way of getting out of jail and he made a plea to the sitting president to help him out!

The rapper took to Twitter to say that he is in support of Donald J Trump‘s Spinning Wheel Platinum Plan for Black America because it helps people in their plight against prison and systemic injustice! He also regurgitated some stuff about ownership. And he tagged Donald Trump in the post.

Well, guys I got news for you this is nothing new and this is the way that Trump has been moving. If you really read our reports and our coverage you will know that Donald Trump has been buying rappers on the sneak tip! 50 Cent made it clear that Donald Trump at one time offered him $500,000 to endorse him, which 50 rejected. Other rappers have been getting money on the side. Others have been getting help with their legal issues which is the rumor about Lil Wayne and this is where Kodak Black seems to fit in just perfectly. We do not know what promises may have been made to Kodak Black at this time but he has been reaching out to Donald Trump long enough for us to deduce that the president probably offered him something or another.

Personally, I think that Kodak Black is just a little late in asking Donald Trump for anything because if he gets re-elected he’s going to forget about that lil n-word so fast it will make his dreds fall out. At the end of the day, Kodak Black just wants to get his severely abused badonkadonk out of jail. I don’t blame him, the man cannot defend himself against the constant pressure that the other inmates seem to be putting on him! He’s got to get the hell out of dodge and he sees Trump as the best way to do that!

He’s a coward, so I’m not going to say much more about him. I know a lot of people love Kodak Black but I am not one of those folks, but I wish him well in siding with a fascist dictator in his efforts to free himself from the crimes he’s legitimately incarcerated for.