What Happened? T.I. Verzuz Jeezy? It Is Now Gucci Vs Jeezy!

Jeezy and Gucci is the next battle on Verzuz, not Tip!

Something happened suddenly! A few weeks ago, T.I. and Jeezy emerged as a battle after Tip shunned Busta Rhymes. Well, what happened next is out of nowhere! Suddenly, without warning, Jeezy and GUCCI MANE busts out of the mindless scrolling on Instagram!!

Look what Gucci Mane posted and subsequently re-posted by @AllHipHopcom!

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Well, we love T.I. and that’s a fact. Seems like Jeezy’s comments on the Breakfast Club made its way to Gucci Mane and this happened. Some of yall may not understand the significance of this. Basically. Gucci and Jeezy were cool, but they had a major falling out. “Falling out” is an understatement. Somebody died! So, this is major! Will they be in the same room? What will the security look like? Who will play “So Icey”? These are the question I have!

Lets go back in time!

Here is Gucci talking about the alleged attempt on his life by Jeezy.  BIG TIME ALLEEEEEEGEDLY!