What Happened To The Game’s Album Drillmatic?


The Game has us all waiting! Drillmatic was supposed to hit, but now there is no release date. When’s it hitting?

The Game had everybody waiting in anticipation of his latest album Drillmatic. However, after months of lingering, we simply haven’t gotten it. He did a highly publicized performance at Novo where Wack100 may or may not have gotten in a fight. Kanye was there! That was the lob, but we didn’t get the….

Now, we gotta talk about the music.

We are big Game fans so we are looking for this album. It was delayed once, it was delayed again. Lloyd Banks just hit so I was hoping it would have come out today. It is possible they did not want to compete for ears. Jay-Z cleared like seven samples from the album, so we good there. What is the hold up?!

We love Kendrick, but he’s in a different zone right now. The hood (I would imagine) cannot go where he is right now – Paris, Africa, outer space. The Game is all we have! Come on Jayceon! 

I take that back. We have more than The Game. Symba is someone I am keeping in tune with now and he’s down with The Game. He was pulled on stage and dropped a DOPE rhyme in honor of his homie. I was impressed at that and his own efforts. Hip-Hop is in a good place if you let it. 

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Anyway, I am hoping they send us some audio goodies soon.

In the meantime, here’s “Violence” with HitBoy.

And here’s the song with Kanye.